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SPM Drink System’s New Patented n-UV LED Sanitization System

N-UV Sanitizing System: A Revolution for Professional Equipment in the Beverage Industry

The sanitation of professional equipment is an extremely important process to ensure the food safety of products distributed by Ho.Re.Ca. operators.

SPM Drink Systems, always committed to the design of technologically advanced solutions, offers a wide range of highly performing professional machines, able to guarantee the best performance in terms of functionality, efficiency, energy savings and cost savings.

Innovation is in our DNA. We have always been looking for the most innovative and suitable technology to give our equipment a step ahead. And offer our customers the best that can be found on the market.

An example is the N-UV LED sanitizing system: a real revolution for the beverage industry, which guarantees a near-total sanitation of the products inside the tanks of our machines.

In this article, you will discover what it is and how the integrated n-UV LED sanitizing system works and why it represents an innovation that has no equal.

What is the n-UV LED system?

The n-UV LED sanitizing system is a patented technology developed by SPM Drink Systems in collaboration with the University of Siena.

It is an innovative LED n-uv lighting system integrated into the latest generation I-Pro UV slush machine – the latest addition to the I-Pro range – and the SP UV cold cream machine, which allows to sanitize the product contained in the machine’s tank, reducing the bacterial load that can proliferate on the residues of product that necessarily deposit on the internal walls of the tank during the dispensing phase.

How does the sanitizing work?

During the dispensing phase, the product inside the tank decreases, leaving residual traces on the surface with which it has come into contact. These small deposits of product that remain on the walls of the tank, not being cooled by the refrigeration system and coming into contact with air, humidity and heat, become potentially subject to bacterial proliferation.

Here is where the n-UV system comes into play: thanks to a state-of-the-art technology, the LED n-UV beams of the sanitizing system are engineered oriented in specific directions, to hit precisely those critical points of the tank where product deposits remain.

In this way, and thanks to the properties of LED n-UV lights, it is possible to reduce the bacterial load and sanitize the content inside the tank, avoiding contaminating the fresh product that will be poured into the tank during filling, to guarantee a constant dispensing over time.

The effectiveness of the sanitizing process

The effectiveness of n-UV technology in reducing bacterial contamination in food is widely documented in the literature.

Its use has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an effective method for inactivating the duplication of pathogens and harmful microorganisms in food, water and beverages.

To guarantee the best performance, we suggest scheduling the sanitizing process in specific times – for example at night – rather than doing it during the daily dispensing phase.

Tests conducted on I-Pro UV equipment with coffee granita product, have shown that the n-UV LED lighting system is a valid method for significantly reducing bacterial contamination on the product if the following parameters are managed in a correct way:

  • Exposure time
  • Power and wavelength of the light source
  • Distance and obstacles between the light source and the target to be irradiated.

Tests have shown that in 6 hours of exposure, n-UV LEDs can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria that could proliferate in the tank, ensuring a constant supply of safe and high-quality beverages. This is a guarantee of food safety and well-being for customers.

The n-UV LED lighting system for tank sanitization is an exclusive feature of the I-PRO UV and SP UV equipment and it represents a high added value for both professional operators who choose to use this type of machine and for the end customer.

Why is it important to sanitize professional equipment and trust certified suppliers?

The issue of bacterial contamination and food poisoning is a complex and delicate one.

In a market where consumers are increasingly aware of their health and well-being, attention to hygiene of equipment is a key factor in the decision-making process for professional operators in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector who are looking for qualified and certified suppliers.

In this context, SPM Drink Systems can be the solution you are looking for. Thanks to its consolidated experience in the design of cutting-edge professional equipment and the achievement of certifications and exclusive patents, it is the ideal partner for the supply of safe, sustainable, and high-performance beverage dispensers.

Discover our range of products and choose the equipment that best meets your needs.

If you need help, we are always at your side to support your business. Because your satisfaction is ours.


Whether you are an experienced professional or a bartender looking for new ideas and inspiration, we can provide you with all the support you need in terms of recipes and guidance on the use of our products. To take full advantage of the potential of your machine, prepare drinks that will not go unnoticed and enrich your menu with delicious recipes and new successful proposals. Try it and you’ll see!


Explore the world of SPM Drink Systems, a leader in designing and producing high-quality professional beverage equipment, committed to continuous innovation and fostering trustworthy relationships with customers globally. With decades of expertise, our CE-certified machines, manufactured in Spilamberto (MO), embody our dedication to quality, customer focus, and environmental responsibility, ensuring energy-saving and reduced CO2 emissions through exclusive innovations. Join us in a journey where quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices brew together, crafting a future where our professional beverage solutions serve not just your needs, but the environment’s too.

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