Cocktail mix + a big freeze and voilà: discover our frozen cocktail machines magic

Sip on frozen delight with ease, blend up a tropical paradise, and transform any occasion into a chill affair. Explore the frosty wonders!

Welcome to the cool world of SPM’s frozen cocktail machines.
Dive into the art of crafting icy concoctions that turn every gathering into a frosty fiesta.



Unleash the MP frozen machines, where cocktails become an art form, not just a drink. Ideal for bars, restaurants, and hotels, these marvels churn out up to 18 liters of continuous cocktail creativity.

Pour your mix, freeze, and indulge in smooth, consistent bliss.
Crafted with sturdy stainless steel, adorned with an illuminating advertising panel and a tantalizing product window, the MP sets the stage for classic favorites or daring mixological adventures.

Elevate your frozen cocktail game with the MP!


I-PRO range

Unlock the extraordinary potential of our I-PRO Range – not just a slush machine, but a true alchemist’s tool for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

With its ingenious Smart Bowl Design and Insulating I-Tank™, the i-pro Range orchestrates the perfect blend, preserving flavor and saving energy. Customizable for dazzling displays and adorned with LED-based cold lighting, it’s a magnet for thirsty eyes.

And with the Auto-fill option for innovative pre-mixing/postmixing, it effortlessly refills the magic. Whether crafting timeless classics or daring new concoctions, the i-pro Range is your dependable partner for frozen cocktail mastery

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