My Machine

How can I find the serial number of my SPM Brand equipment?

The serial number of your SPM Brand machine is typically easily visible to the naked eye. You can usually find it located either behind the drip tray or on the chassis, depending on the model.

How can I obtain the user manual guide for my SPM Brand machine?

Our website offers a convenient resource for accessing all the relevant documents, including user and technical guides, specific to each machine model. You can find these in the User & Technical Guide section, or you can contact us.

How can I prevent machine failures?

You can proactively prevent equipment failures by diligently following the maintenance and usage instructions provided during your machine’s installation. This careful maintenance will help safeguard your equipment from damage or breakdowns.

Is it possible to customize my equipment?

Our equipment are designed to offer the maximum level of customization. We know that promoting the product or the brand is important for many of our customers. For this reason, each of our pieces of equipment can offer various customization options, from graphics in specific slots, to prints on panels and colored plastics.