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I-Pro: The All-In-One Slush Machine

Learn how to use the I-Pro, the most advanced slush machine in its category, to make slushies, milkshakes, and frozen cocktails.

The I-Pro stands as our state-of-the-art slush machine, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and a lineup of patents that solidify its position as one of the most advanced machines in its category.


In this video, we invite you to explore the comprehensive range of I-Pro units, where you’ll gain insight into assembly, filling, and operation procedures. We’ll guide you through the operation of both the mechanical and electronic control boards, show you how to fine-tune product consistency, and demonstrate the correct cleaning methods.

Excitingly, we’ve recently incorporated our patented UV light system for bowl sanitization into the I-PRO range. This groundbreaking addition opens new doors, expanding its potential to accommodate dairy ingredients, effectively transforming the machine into a versatile milkshake dispenser.


But that’s not all—the I-PRO is not limited to milkshakes. It’s also the perfect choice for crafting delectable frozen cocktails such as Bellinis, Daiquiris, and Mangoritas, making it an all-around powerhouse in the world of frozen beverage preparation.”

Explore the world of SPM Drink Systems, a leader in designing and producing high-quality professional beverage equipment, committed to continuous innovation and fostering trustworthy relationships with customers globally. With decades of expertise, our CE-certified machines, manufactured in Spilamberto (MO), embody our dedication to quality, customer focus, and environmental responsibility, ensuring energy-saving and reduced CO2 emissions through exclusive innovations. Join us in a journey where quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices brew together, crafting a future where our professional beverage solutions serve not just your needs, but the environment’s too.

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