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I-PRO Range. Energy Savings and Excellence in Performance

I-pro range. Energy savings and performance excellence

The choice of professional equipment is a critical topic for all Ho.Re.Ca channel operators. It is, in fact, a significant initial investment that contributes to the success of a business, determining its positioning in the market in terms of perceived quality and service offered.


But what criteria should be considered when choosing professional machinery? And how do you select the type of equipment that best suits your needs?


In this article, we explain how our products are designed to ensure effective energy and time savings, and why SPM Drink Systems is the ideal choice if you are looking for a serious and reliable partner with proven experience.

Energy Savings: A Sustainable Choice, Not Just for the Environment

Anyone running a bar, ice cream parlor, or restaurant knows how important it is to invest in the right professional equipment to make a difference.


Usually, the first evaluation parameter considered by professional operators is the price.


The cost of equipment is undoubtedly a crucial variable in any choice, but it’s not the only one. What can make a real difference in the medium and long term is the cost-effectiveness of the investment.


Today, in an increasingly competitive, demanding, and consumption-conscious market, making sustainable choices that minimize environmental impact is a winning solution. Not only because consumers tend to prefer eco-friendly and responsible products and brands, but also because the energy consumption of the equipment used daily significantly affects costs.


Have you ever wondered how energy savings can positively impact your monthly expenses and annual spending?


We have. And we have decided to conduct comparative tests between professional slush machines operating in the same market segment to objectively demonstrate how the choice of technologically advanced equipment is a winning strategy for saving time and money.

Time Savings. A Smart Selection Factor

Time, indeed, proves to be a crucial factor in the selection of professional equipment because it has a considerable impact on several fronts.


First and foremost, it affects the consumer experience and the perception of service quality: long waiting times generate discontent and dissatisfaction, especially among discerning customers.


It also affects the operation of the establishment: slow production times result in “downtime,” order accumulation, staff pressure, chaos in the food and beverage preparation phase, and difficulties in managing deliveries.


Lastly, it impacts your profitability: if your equipment requires excessively long preparation times, your ability to provide service will likely be inferior to that of your competitors. And your bottom line will suffer.


This is where the choice of efficient and high-performance machinery, developed with cutting-edge technologies, can be a winning strategy to help you achieve excellent results.


Need an example?

Our I-Pro Professional Slush Machines, highly advanced devices that combine patented innovations, high performance, and futuristic design to fully meet every need.

I-pro, outstanding performance for guaranteed energy savings

Our I-Pro Slush Machine range consists of 6 models.


Today, we want to introduce you to the I-Pro 2 Elettronica, the best slush machine available in the market, representing the result of extensive research, development, and design. It’s crafted to provide all Ho.Re.Ca. channel operators with an extremely efficient solution in terms of energy savings and performance.


Considered a true marvel in its industry, this technological gem with an electronic keyboard comes equipped with a control system that ensures:

  • Energy savings of up to 67% compared to other similar equipment on the market (Source: Comparative test by SPM Drink Systems*);
  • Minimal environmental impact, thanks to the use of a natural refrigerant gas (R290) that reduces CO2 emissions;
  • Excellent performance in terms of production efficiency, time savings, and product quality.


What truly sets this slush machine apart is the revolutionary and patented ITank® insulated tank. It’s an exclusive insulation system designed to minimize the influence of external temperatures, reduce condensation on the tank, and increase the machine’s cooling power, ensuring proven energy and cost savings.


Want to learn more?

Discover the I-PRO range equipped with the ITank® tank as standard and find the equipment that best suits your needs.

*Test conducted internally in a climate chamber, measuring the energy consumption and the time it took for the equipment to reach the right consistency at a temperature of 32°C with 50% humidity and at a temperature of 38°C with 70% humidity.

**Daily consumption was calculated considering 14 hours of freezing and 10 hours of defrosting. Estimated kWh cost: 0.49 Euro.


Always by your side to ensure the best service

Choosing SPM Drink Systems’ professional equipment means deciding to have a reliable partner always by your side.


We understand that even the best machines can sometimes encounter technical issues. That’s why we offer all our customers a team of experts ready to intervene at any time to resolve any issues you may encounter with our products, from simple questions about dispensers and dispensing to more complex challenges with cooling systems.


But that’s not all. We like to go beyond technical support to provide complementary and integrative services – from training sessions to consultations, from recipe books to purchasing guides – that allow you to get the most out of our equipment.


At SPM Drink Systems, we are always by your side to help you choose the products that best suit your needs and support your business. Because your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


Whether you are an experienced professional or a novice bartender searching for new ideas and inspiration, you can find all the assistance you need from us in terms of recipes and product usage guides. Take advantage of all the potential your machine offers, prepare unforgettable drinks, and enrich your menu with delectable recipes and successful new offerings. Try it to believe it!


Explore the world of SPM Drink Systems, a leader in designing and producing high-quality professional beverage equipment, committed to continuous innovation and fostering trustworthy relationships with customers globally. With decades of expertise, our CE-certified machines, manufactured in Spilamberto (MO), embody our dedication to quality, customer focus, and environmental responsibility, ensuring energy-saving and reduced CO2 emissions through exclusive innovations. Join us in a journey where quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices brew together, crafting a future where our professional beverage solutions serve not just your needs, but the environment’s too.

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