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Coffee & Tea. The trends to drink in 2024.

Tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages in the world. But what are the coffee & tea trends that will dominate the market in 2024? Discover them in this article.

Tea and coffee are ancient beverages, deeply connected to strong socio-cultural traditions and rituals. Their consumption is intrinsic to the lifestyle of many populations, representing an indispensable moment that marks daily routines, enhances break times, and provides opportunities for socialization.
In this article, we explore the Coffee & Tea trends from around the world and the main coffee and tea-based beverages that we will consume in 2024.

Cold Brew Coffee

It is a beverage with a smooth taste, prepared through a long infusion in cold water that enhances the coffee’s aroma. Known for its versatility and high customization, Cold Brew can be consumed alone, with added milk, cream, flavored syrups, or in combination with alcoholic or carbonated beverages. Perfect for creative drinks and unique consumption experiences.

Iced Coffee

Recognized worldwide as a perfect beverage for any time of the year, Iced Coffee is especially popular among Millennials and Gen Z. With its intense flavor, full-bodied taste, and the possibility of customization with a variety of toppings, it offers multi-sensory consumption occasions, making it a highly appealing and Instagrammable drink. (Source: CBS News)

Dalgona Coffee

Born in South Korea during the pandemic, Dalgona Coffee is a beverage composed of a base of milk and ice, topped with a delicious instant coffee cream whipped with sugar and water. Its success has been sealed by social media, where thousands of creators share videos and recipes showing the preparation of this innovative drink, served strictly cold and in numerous tempting variations.

Flavored Coffees

Flavored coffees, with floral, fruity, or spicy notes, never go out of style. Recent trends suggest unusual pairings for unique and sensational tasting experiences, satisfying various palates. From salted caramel coffee to sprinklings of Himalayan salt, for lovers of bitter and complex flavors, to the addition of ginger and pepper or botanical essences for those who prefer spicy or delicately floral coffee.
Fruity ingredients like smoked apple or cinnamon are also excellent allies to enhance the earthy flavor of coffee, creating fusion beverages with an extra sensory taste. And for lovers of classic flavors, traditional combinations with milk – even plant-based – chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, and syrups inspired by seasonal sweets that elevate coffee to a delicious dessert delighting the soul and body.


A non-alcoholic fermented tea-based beverage with a tangy and fizzy taste, rich in probiotics, minerals, and natural antioxidants. Thanks to its beneficial and healthy properties, it is gaining consumers worldwide, positioning itself as an excellent alternative to traditional carbonated drinks. Available in many flavor varieties and customizations, kombucha is ideal for various consumption occasions and can be used as a base for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Bubble Tea

More than just a beverage, it represents a growing trend destined to expand in all markets. Thanks to its infinite customization possibilities, Bubble Tea is among the favorite snack drinks for young people seeking experiential consumption opportunities and creative combinations of ingredients and flavors to be enjoyed visually and palatably.

Matcha Tea

Matcha, the famous powdered tea with a bright green color, remains a undisputed protagonist in the global tea landscape. Thanks to its infinite versatility, it can be consumed alone in a cup – as a healthy, rich, and full-bodied beverage – or as a premium ingredient in countless recipes, from tiramisu to smoothies, from spoon desserts to cakes.

Sparkling Tea

Born in Copenhagen, sparkling tea is now a highly sought-after beverage in major international markets, positioning itself as a non-alcoholic alternative to the classic glass of bubbles. Perfect for sober curious consumers, looking for trendy but strictly alcohol-free drinks, sparkling tea is a highly appreciated ingredient for those who love unconventional alcoholic blends, such as tea cocktails that combine taste and originality in a perfect mixology style.

New Trends, New Opportunities for the Ho.Re.Ca. Channel

Tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages globally. According to some research, over 3.1 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, and approximately 300 billion liters of tea are consumed annually. These significant numbers are expected to increase according to global consumption forecasts for these beverages. (Source: Report Mediobanca “Il settore del caffè in Italia e nel mondo (ed. 2023)”)
Today, bars, tea rooms, and coffee shops face a great challenge that contains a tremendous opportunity: experimenting with new menu proposals in line with new consumption trends to capture the attention and tastes of an audience that is
• increasingly attentive to the choice of premium and healthy ingredients
• open to experimenting with new flavor combinations but also fond of retro and nostalgic tastes
• seeking new consumption experiences
• inclined to customize food and beverages
In this context, SPM Drink System can be an excellent ally to improve the quality and offering of your tea and coffee-based drinks. With our innovative range of hot, cold, and Pre-Mix beverage dispensers, we can provide the ideal equipment – in terms of size, functionality, practicality, and design – to meet any need and help elevate your drinks to a higher level.

Explore our range of hot and cold beverage dispensers and choose the product that suits you best. Whether you are an experienced professional or a bartender new to the field seeking new ideas and inspirations, you can find all the assistance you need in terms of recipes and product usage guidance to leverage the full potential of your machine, prepare attention-grabbing specialties, and enrich your menu with delicious recipes and new successful proposals. Try it to believe it!

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